TSLI/TSLT supervision

TSLI/TSLT supervision

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12 months development plan
1 hour/month meetings
TSLI/TSLT endorsement
TSLI/TSLT supervision
From £50 per hour (inc. VAT)


NRCPD Supervision Handbook
How to become a Sign Language Interpreter
If you have completed an initial course in sign language interpreting/translation and you meet the criteria for TSLI/TSLT endorsement, then we can work with you to develop an Approved Development Plan while you are waiting to join an NRCPD approved course leading to RSLI/RSLT status.

In order for us to supervise you as a TSLI/TSLT on an Approved Development Plan, you must meet all the following requirements:
Native level in your first language
Level 4 (B2) in your second language
Completed an initial course in sign language interpreting/translation
Waiting to start an NRCPD approved course leading to RSLI/RSLT status
You will work on your Professional Development Plan with your supervisor, which must meet the following criteria:
Development plans must cover a 12 month period
Show progression towards RSLI level
Record the skill area, objectives, SMART targets, review date/completion date
You will meet with your supervisor on a monthly basis to review your PDP targets. You must keep a record of these supervision meetings for annual audit.

You must commit to the monthly one-to-one sessions and complete all work set by your supervisor. If your supervisor has evidence that you are not meeting the trainee interpreter standards, or you are not meeting the agreed targets on your PDP, then your supervisor must inform the NRCPD and end the supervision.

TSLIs are allowed up to 4 renewals (5 years), after which time they are expected to have completed an approved course and be able to apply for RSLI/RSLT status. As a result, we view Approved Development Plans as a temporary measure for people to keep their TSLI/TSLT status while they are waiting to start an approved course leading to RSLI/RSLT status (e.g. our Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting course).

NB: If you are enrolled on any of our interpreting courses then we will support you with TSLI/TSLT registration as part of the course. You will work on an approved Professional Development Plan while working as a TSLI/TSLT as part of your course.

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