"I feel that finding this course and being with other CODAs was fate for me. I have wanted to do a course like this for a while, but being in a group with the people I am with now is better than I had imagined. With great tutors and leadership along the way, I look forward to what the future brings!"


Being with BSLFirst has probably been THE Best learning experience I've had. I've met many wonderful people, there has been so much support and never been more comfortable in a learning environment, either classroom based or online (blended). Would do it all over again!"


"I am really enjoying my course with BSL First, Akbar and his team have a wealth of knowledge and I really trust that I’m in good hands. The teaching is varied and there are always opportunities to feedback on any area of the course as well."


I cannot recommend this course enough. I have felt completely at ease throughout all the teaching time, and when I had doubts in my own abilities and motivation, Akbar was there at the end of an email, and helped me work through it. The teachers have a real wealth of experience, and are incredibly knowledgeable - I defy anyone to spend time on this course and not be inspired to take themselves as far as they can go on their journey into BSL.


“Thank you for the BSL Level 6 you arranged, and to especially thank you for sending Alan Murray to be our leading instructor. He did his a very helpful attitude, and was more aware of my needed. I appreciate the time he took to work samples of my study in advance so his comments were immediately applicable. BSL First always find a way to get it done – and done well! Thank you.”


I am extremely pleased I chose BSL First as a course provider. The quality of the training is first class. The tutors are friendly, approachable, supportive and, most importantly, experts in their field. I would highly recommend BSL First as a course provider.


The course has fantastic content. I would recommend BSL First as the tutors are very knowledgeable, very approachable and supportive.


I can see the improvements in my interpreting since starting with BSL First. The input and guidance have been invaluable. I feel more settled and supported than I have before, the course that Akbar has designed, in my view, is excellent in terms of the structure, content and the support.
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