Level 2 BSL (Online)

Level 2 BSL (Online)

Upcoming courses:
Wednesdays 6pm-9pm starting 6 September 2023
Thursdays 6pm-9pm starting 11 January 2024
Last Updated: 18-04-23

At a glance:

Pre-intermediate (A2)
3 exams
25 weeks
3 hours per week
Online course

£480 (inc. VAT) + £163 exam fees

Course content

The aim of this course is to develop your linguistic skills in British Sign Language towards pre-intermediate level, or A2 of the CEFR. Teaching begins by briefly revisiting the topics, vocabulary and grammatical structures covered in the Level 1 course before moving on to explore the grammatical structure of BSL in greater depth and to build upon existing vocabulary. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on vo-cabulary, grammar and productive and receptive skills relating to all of the themes for this course: 1) everyday conversation, 2) shopping and spending, 3) hobbies and interests and 4) work and school.

The course is delivered in an informal and relaxed environment and your teacher will use a variety of teaching and learning methods to cater for all learning styles and to meet the needs of all learners. The course is designed to be fun, engaging and meaningful and will give you the opportunity to practice your productive and receptive skills by means of group work, pair work, role-plays, games, presentations and discussions.

The Level 2 course is useful for anybody who is in regular contact with deaf people, be it through work or social life. On completion of this course, learners will be able to further develop their linguistic skills by progressing onto the Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language course and then onto professional training in teaching or interpreting/translation.
ThemeTopics covered
Everyday conversation
  • Describing people, animals and objects, including family, age, name, hair, size, ethnicity, clothes and religion
  • Describe materials, colours and patterns
  • Describe a person’s behaviour, personality and characteristics
  • Talk about feelings and emotions
  • Describe what an animal looks like and how it behaves
  • Describe your daily routine at school, work or college
  • Give your opinion about everyday things
  • Describe and talk about an activity or event in the past and future
  • Describe activities and hobbies you do at home or for leisure, including places you like to go
  • Talk about health and wellbeing, including illnesses and treatment
Eating and drinking
  • Describing different types of meals
  • Describing different food and drink items
  • Preparing a meal using ingredients and utensils
  • Talking about eating out and restaurants
  • Experiences of restaurants or eating out
  • Give your opinion about food and drink items
  • Compare two different food or drink items or meals
  • Talk about different payment methods
Shopping and spending
  • Describe the different shops, payment methods, receipts and refunds
  • Talk about managing money and budgeting
  • Explain how you pay for different services and payment options
  • Ask for the price of things and comment on whether this is expensive, reasonable, cheap etc.
  • Discuss your experiences of online shopping
  • Compare two or more things you have bought by size, cost, quality and how easy it was to find
  • Describe your current and past shopping experiences
Travel and holidays
  • Talk about your past and future holidays
  • Describe how to buy travel tickets and how to travel to different places
  • Describe how you felt when travel arrangements went wrong, e.g. breakdown, accident, delays, cancellations etc.
  • Describe your experience of, and give your opinion on, staying in a hotel or other type of accommodation
  • Talk about activities you did and places you visited on holiday
  • Compare two or more holidays or journeys you have been on
  • Give your opinion on current and past holiday experiences, including weather and transport issues


There are total of 3 assessments for this qualification:
201Receptive skillsReceptive skills exam with multiple choice questions
202Productive skillsPresentation in BSL (3-5 minutes)
203Conversational skillsConversation in BSL (6-7 minutes)

Entry Requirements

You must have passed the Signature Level 1 Award in British Sign Language qualification.


After you complete this course, you can move on to the Signature Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language course.

Dates and times

Wednesdays 6pm-9pm
Start: 6 September 2023
End: 6 March 2024
Thursdays 6pm-9pm
Start: 11 January 2024
End: 11 July 2024


Course fee inc VAT: £480
Exam fee: £163

£75 deposit required to reserve your place (this will be subtracted from the total cost)

Deposit: £75
Instalment 1: £135
Instalment 2: £135
Instalment 3: £135
Instalment 4: £163 (exam fees)

Fees include awarding body assessment fees and access to Moodle. Monthly Direct Debit payment plan comes as standard. Our fees are always all-inclusive so there are never any unexpected costs!

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