Published: 31 October 2023

An Interview with Lauren

An Interview with Lauren

Why did you want to become a BSL/English interpreter?

I previously worked in Mental Health settings that supported Deaf people and was fortunate enough to observe the amazing work that the interpreters did and this inspired me to get into it myself.

What training and qualifications did you have before you joined the INT course?

I had a lot of experience in the deaf community through my work and personal life, so I was fluent in BSL before I started the course. I was offered the opportunity to complete my Level 6 BSL qualification alongside the first year of the interpreting course.

Why did you choose BSL First over other training providers?

Because Akbar was recommended to me.

What do you feel were the benefits of the INT course?

That the course was delivered as a vocational qualification, however due to the tutor having an academic background, all students on the course were still able to gain the important theoretical knowledge that underpins a signed language interpreter’s practice.

What was your learning experience like?

My learning experience was positive. I was able to meet like minded people that have become friends for life, as well as receive support from the course tutors to be brave and to take steps to the beginning of my interpreting career.

What’s next for you in your interpreting career?

I have recently been fortunate enough to have been selected to interpret for the England Deaf Women’s team and travel to Malaysia for the World Cup which was absolutely amazing! I’m hoping to do more sport-related interpreting in future.

What advice would you give to other people thinking about becoming a BSL/English interpreter?

To remember that becoming an interpreter is so much more than just a language skill, so regardless of your fluency I promise you will learn so much from this course 🙂
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